2018 ALLTRACK AT-50HD Brushtracks

5 AT-50HD Brushtracks completed for Florida Forestry.Many new features included in these units such as:

-ROPS/FOPS – ISO approved structure

-Low maintenance Oil Bath Hubs

-Easy Brake release and tow Valve

-15,000Lbs Electric Warn Winch with front and rear attachment points

-Extra Low ground pressure provided by 32″ Tracks

-Window Brush Guarding

-Custom Front Bumpers

-Open Airflow Cab

2018 ALLTRACK AT-80HD Tracked Carrier

In service on a Copper and Gold mine in Arizona, This AT-80HD is equipped with a Tank and spray boom for dust containment and mitigation for tailings

Options include

-Air conditioning

-AUX Hydraulic Circuit

2019 ALLTRACK AT-250HD Tracked Carrier

This AT-250HD is a all new addition to the ALLTRACK line up. The largest carrier in our line, the AT-250HD is capable of 35,000LB Loads. This unit features a Powerful Tier 4 F Cummins Turbo Diesel , Walking beam suspension, Air conditioning , 30,000LB Hydraulic recovery winch, and a Alltrack designed and built hydraulic PTO system. This system powers the vac unit without the need for additional hydraulic pumps, and adjusts  on the fly to offer the most efficient transfer of power to the vac system. This carrier has been equipped with a Hydro Excavator and is in service in northern Alberta

ALLTRACK AT-50HD Brushtrack

This AT-50HD is a Purpose built Tracked Vehicles for FireFighting and prescribed burning.

Stretched one foot thru the chassis to accommodate a existing fire skid package. Other options include 4 Way forestry blade , 16K hydraulic recovery winch, rear Port hydraulic circuit , 22″ Rubber grousers , Protective mesh Screening